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In the hearth, current and final disinfection is carried out. Persons who came into contact with plague patients, corpses, infected things, participated in the forced slaughter of a sick animal, etc., are subject to isolation and medical supervision (6 days). With pneumonic plague, individual isolation (within 6 days) and antibiotic prophylaxis (streptomycin, rifampicin, etc.) are carried out for all persons who could become infected.

The death of Reglan pill occurred within a few hours after infection.

The main methods for diagnosing plague are epidemiological information, bacteriological studies, and anamnesis.

In the study for the detection of infectious plague disease, sowing of the juice of the abscess is carried out.

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Juice is obtained in two ways: with a syringe, or with the help of a saline solution injected into the inflammation, and a secondary intake of fluid into a new syringe.

Be sure to sow the secretions of the infected, followed by the isolation of pure plague bacteria from it in the laboratory for a more detailed study. When diagnosing plague, it is important to understand its distinctive features from tularemia (its ulcerative bubonic form). They lie in the fact that with tularemia there is no pain during palpation of the affected lymph nodes.

Infectious pathology gradually spreads to buy metoclopramide of the lymphatic system, turning them into huge, inflamed, red bumps with a glossy surface (this is how they look externally).

After four to five days, the affected components of the lymphatic system become soft and elastic (if you knock on them, you will feel the fluctuation of the fluid inside them). By the tenth day, the nodes open up and turn into fistulas (deep non-healing wounds).

Very often, the bubonic type of ancient pathology is complicated by metoclopramide online. At the same time, the sick person suffers from terrible headaches and convulsions that affect absolutely the entire body. Basic methods of clinical treatment.

All clothes of the patient, his utensils, care items are disinfected, they must first be treated with special means. The same applies to food residues and excretions of the patient - processing and disinfection. Before contacting the patient, the staff of the medical institution must put on special protective suits.

Treatment of bubonic plague implies mandatory hospitalization in an infectious diseases hospital. There, the infected are placed in closed boxes to prevent the virus from entering the environment.

Antibiotic therapy is the main method of treatment. Antibiotics - tetracycline or streptomycin series - are administered intramuscularly and inside the buboes. In addition to the above, during treatment, the following is used: Also the treatment is different for each type of plague. For example, in the skin form, co-trimoxazole is used, but if the bubonic form is diagnosed, then chloramphenicol is administered intravenously in combination with streptomycin.

In the septic form, a tetracycline series of antibiotics or doxycycline is added to the above combination. Non-specific therapy is also used during treatment.

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According to indications, physicians can prescribe cardiovascular drugs, bronchodilators and antipyretics.

He is auspicious. As already mentioned, in the early centuries, mortality reached 95 percent of the number of cases. Most of the population was among the latter, then up to 80-85 percent of the number living in the city, and even in the country, died out. At least the history of Europe knows a couple of such cases when it practically died out. Even by a special decree of the Pope, polygamy was introduced on its territory to increase the population.

The recovery of the patient must be confirmed by laboratory tests. Moreover, the analysis for bakposev is carried out three times and all of them must be negative, only in this case the result is recognized. The patient will be kept in the hospital for another month. After that, he will be under the supervision of an infectious disease specialist for another three months.

Now, when using modern methods of treatment with modern drugs, the mortality rate has decreased.

Is it possible to treat the disease with folk remedies.

In our case, folk remedies cannot in any way help in the treatment of such a serious disease.

Indeed, in folk medicine, for the most part, extracts of plant origin are used, and they have an extremely weak effect on the causative agent of the plague.

In addition, the plague develops quite rapidly, and any delay with the start of treatment can be fatal.

Positively, it prevents many diseases. On the negative side, these are all the government's crafts to make it easier to manage us. Neutral, I don't think it affects my health in any way.

  • The point of origin of the disease was the Gobi desert. Where is the place, which was the immediate hearth, is unknown.
  • It is assumed that the Tatars who lived nearby declared a hunt for marmots, which are carriers of the plague. The meat and fur of these animals were highly valued. Under such conditions, infection was inevitable.
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Many rodents anddue to drought and other adverse weather conditions, they left their shelters and moved closer to people, where more food could be found.

Hebei Province in China was the first to be hit. At least 90% of the population died there. This is another reason that gave rise to the opinion that the Tatars provoked the outbreak of the plague. They could lead the disease along the well-known Silk Road.

Then the plague reached India, after which it moved to Europe. Surprisingly, only one source of that time mentions the true nature of the disease. It is believed that people were struck by the bubonic form of the plague.

In countries that were not affected by the pandemic, real panic arose in the Middle Ages. The heads of state sent messengers for information about the disease and forced specialists to invent a cure for it. The population of some states, remaining in ignorance, willingly believed the rumors that snakes were raining on the infected lands, a fiery wind was blowing, and acid balls were falling from the sky.

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The causative agent of plague is resistant to low temperatures, well preserved in sputum, but at a temperature of 55 ° C it dies within 10-15 minutes, and when boiled - almost instantly. Gates of infection - damaged skin (with a flea bite, usually Xenopsylla cheopis), mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, digestive tract, conjunctiva.

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Other diseases from the group Infectious and parasitic diseases.

According to the main carrier, natural foci of plague are divided into ground squirrels, marmots, gerbils, voles and pikas. In addition to wild rodents, the epizootic process sometimes includes the so-called synanthropic rodents (in particular, rats and mice), as well as some wild animals (hares, foxes), which are the object of hunting. Of domestic animals, camels are sick with plague.

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In a natural focus, infection usually occurs through the bite of a flea that previously fed on a sick rodent.

The probability of infection increases significantly when synanthropic rodents are included in the epizootic. Infection also occurs during the hunting of rodents and their further processing. Mass diseases of people occur when a sick camel is slaughtered, skinned, cut, processed. An infected person, in turn, is a potential source of plague, the transmission of the pathogen from which to another person or animal, depending on the form of the disease, can be carried out by airborne droplets, contact or transmission.

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Since the development of plague pneumonia, the pulmonary form of the disease has already been transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets - an extremely dangerous, with a very rapid course.

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